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From July 1, we will be adjusting membership categories and fees across all categories to enable us to continue to maintain our course playing surfaces to a championship standard and further invest in improving the golfing experience for our membership.

Lynwood will be introducing a $1650 joining fee for new members From July 1, 2024. The introduction comes as a result of Lynwood’s golf membership reaching capacity – with over 900 members choosing Lynwood as their course. Current members will not be impacted by the joining fee, provided memberships are renewed during the month of July.

Lynwood Link members will continue to enjoy their membership price fee freeze until July 1, 2025, representing our appreciation for our members’ continuous support during course closures. Please note that Bonus Points do not form part of this membership category.

Considering our growing membership, we have decided to close the 6 & 7-day membership categories as of July 31st, 2024. This adjustment aims to ensure fair access to tee times for all members. 5-day and Junior membership categories will remain available. All membership categories will be reviewed once July’s renewal period is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the joining fee entail?
The joining fee of $1,650, effective July 1st, 2024, applies only to new members and helps manage membership growth while maintaining exclusivity for existing members.

Why are there membership fee increases?
The fee increases are necessary to sustain the club’s operations, maintain the golf course, and enhance facilities for members.

Will existing Lynwood Link members be affected by the changes?
Lynwood Link members will enjoy a membership fee freeze until July 1st, 2025, as a token of appreciation for their continuous support. However, they will no longer receive Bar Credit as part of their membership.

Why are 6- and 7-day memberships being closed?
Due to the club’s increasing membership, these categories are being closed to ensure equitable access to tee times for all members.

What changes are happening to Direct Debit memberships?
Direct Debit memberships will transition to a rollover structure, eliminating the need for annual renewals, while simplifying and streamlining the membership renewal process.

What Changes are happening to the Senior Membership Category?
The age to be eligible for a senior discount will be moved to 60 years of age. This is in line with the NSW Seniors Card. Current members aged between 55 and 60 will continue to access the discount. However, new members must be over the age of 60 to access discounts.